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With iContact, users can very easily create, send, and track e-mail marketing autoresponder messages. The site offers a variety of tools for business owners who want to take advantage of the new trend in e-mail marketing, and raise their income.  E-mail marketing helps companies stay connected with their customers, by automatically generating messages, newsletters, follow-up messages, and surveys to find out more information from potential customers who have expressed interest in their company.

With iContact, business owners find a trusted website that is in operation to help small business owners achieve higher profits, greater customer loyalty, and a good working relationship with all of their customers and potential customers.  When customers receive e-mail newsletters straight in their inbox directly from your company, they not only learn valuable information relating to what your company has to offer, but also will keep your company in the foremost part of their mind, so that when they are ready to make internet purchases, they think of your company first.

Statistically, internet shoppers very rarely purchase an item from a website the very first time they look at it.  With iContact, you can make sure that when your potential customer is ready to make a purchase, it is your website they remember most and come to.  By sending automatically generated e-mail marketing brochures to customers who have chosen to opt-in after viewing your site, you can give valuable information to your customers that will bring them back again and again to buy from your company.

When you go with iContact for your autoresponder e-mail marketing needs, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Whitelisted ISP companies all over the world, so your e-mails get the 98% – 99% deliverability rate that all customers of iContact.com enjoy.
  • Graphs and charts that help track your e-mail messages to customers at a glance, always available online and sent directly to your internet inbox.
  • 250 professionally designed HTML templates to make your very own original e-mail, hand suited to your business’s style and needs.
  • Help with setting up and maximizing the potential of your e-mail marketing mailing list, so you get the most out of your contacts.
  • Surveys, RSS feeds, and autoresponder software, all at your fingertips in one easy-to-use service,
  • And many other features as well!

There is no better way to maximize the number of customers, potential customers, and causal internet browsers that are interested in your company than with a good e-mail marketing manager such as iContact.  You can boost your sales exponentially, which in turn boosts your profit.  Visit iContact today to begin reaping the rewards of a good e-mail marketing manager.

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